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    Franklin Tree Pros is a local New England company serving Franklin, MA that specializes in the care, maintenance and removal of trees, bushes and hedges. Our group of skilled tree care experts are equipped with top-of-the-line gear, and are well-trained and experienced in dealing with any tree problems you may be having. We are fully-licensed and insured, and prepared for any job you may have for us. No job is too big or too small! Call us today for a free quote.

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    At Franklin Tree Pros we have a wide variety of services to make sure that we cover any and all tree needs you might have on your property.

    ​Here is a listing of the services we offer as your local tree service:

    We offer single tree removal as well as multiple tree removal services. This includes the removal of hazardous, fallen, or dying trees and the clearing of inconvenient trees. Tree removal and tree clearing in Franklin is one of our main services.

    This service is available for trees of all sizes and types. We carry out dead branch removal, pruning as well as trimming for aesthetic beauty, improved growth, and enhanced tree health. Specialized trimming and pruning is also available in Franklin.

    We also provide removal and/or grinding of stumps on your property. We have all the necessary equipment for successful stump grinding in Franklin. You also have the option of keeping the mulch after a grinding to use as a protectant for your soil.

    Trimming and pruning of both large and small bushes is another one of our main services in Franklin. We offer a regular hedge trimming and styling service for your home garden, businesses and parks.

    Areas We Service

    Our service areas covers a wide area across the South Shore, including: 

    – Franklin

    ​- Wrentham

    – Norfolk

    – Medway

    – Bellingham

    – Foxborough

    – Mansfield

    – Blackstone

    ..and many more. If you want to know if we service your area, please give us a call! 

    Your Tree Service Company Franklin MA

    Massachusetts is famous for its beautiful greenery and well-loved for it. It’s a large part of what gives our great state its charm and beauty. But all this beauty doesn’t just get that way on its own. Trees and plants are beautiful, yes, but it takes a little human touch with the proper maintenance to make sure that things grow and flourish as they should. This requires a little more skill and knowledge than simple cutting off a few branches here and there every once in a while. The large amounts of snow and rain affect the soil and structural integrity of the trees in our area, making it possible for the trees around here to weaken and become hazardous to work around. Through getting the correct attention through trimming and pruning you can avoid any danger and rule out insect infestation.

    Have you got any trees on your property that need attention? Any old stumps that are marring your landscape? Do you have an assortment of bushes or hedges? If so, then you’re probably looking for a good tree service company. “What’s the best tree trimming and care service near me” you ask? That would be us, your Franklin Tree Pros.

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    We provide a wide variety of services and work on many different types of property, greatly improving the appearance of each place we work on. We work on homes, larger properties, corporate courtyards, parks and more. Our top priority, besides making your property look as beautiful as we possibly can, is safety. As such, we make sure to take every precaution in our work to eliminate any hazardous situations as efficiently as possible, creating a safe and visually appealing environment everywhere we go.

    Don’t hesitate to give us a call and get your property surveyed and your trees looked at! We’ll come down and check your property and provide you with a completely free estimate. We are the best tree company Franklin has to offer, so get in touch today and get a free estimate!

    When To Call For Tree Services

    Our ecosystem relies heavily on trees. Trees have a system of roots that maintain the health of the surrounding soil, contributing to the overall health of plant life in the area. What we do, as tree care professionals, is we ensure that trees, bushes, hedges, and shrubs stay at the peak of health, maintain their structure and grow sustainably.

    Our tree care experts know and understand the reasons trees need to be trimmed. If you take too much off the tree, you leave it without the chance to fully recover and keep it from growing to its full potential. Not to mention that if you don’t cut clean while trimming, you risk damaging the tree and may thwart future growth, sending the tree growing in odd and inconvenient directions.

    At Franklin Tree Pros we make sure to offer a well-rounded list of services, covering all aspects of tree care in order to ensure that your property gets the care and attention it needs to look its very best.

    Trees need attention on many different levels, and there’s also a time to remove sick or damaged trees. We provide tree trimming, pruning and care to keep your trees healthy and robust as well as aesthetically pleasing. Our arborists will remove branches in order to train the tree to grow properly, remove branches that crisscross each other, get rid of dead branches, improve the airflow by thinning out the canopy, and reduce the size of the tree if necessary. If your trees have fruit or flowers then this is even more of a reason to get them pruned or trimmed the right way. With the right trimming your trees can produce more and better fruit, and blossom with flowers that will add color and character to your home or property.​

    You may think that removing branches sounds like an easy job and you might want to try and tackle it yourself. However, this may result in cutting the wrong branch and wilting your tree. Tree trimming is something that’s best left to professionals who know exactly what to cut and why. Guess-work is never a good idea when trimming and pruning a tree. Call Franklin Tree Pros to get those trees trimmed so that you can get your yard looking just the way you want it.

    If you have a tree that needs removing, whether it be for safety, convenience, or because the tree is sick and at risk of insect infestation, we perform a full tree removal service to clear your property of the tree or trees in question. We can carry out this service on a single tree, big or small, or even on a large number of trees. There is no job that is too big for Franklin Tree Pros. Get our licensed arborists out to your property to give your trees an inspection and get yourself a free estimate to check if your trees are sick and in need of removal or if they simply need a good trim to bring them back to good health.

    If you’ve got a troublesome stump on your property, we’re the ones who’ll take care of getting rid of it, whether it be through removal or grinding.

    Besides trees, we also deal with bushes and hedges. Bush and hedge trimming is an important part of your property upkeep that needs regular attention, and our trimming and pruning experts at Franklin Tree Pros are the ones for the job. After a quick survey of the bushes and/or hedges on your property we’ll be able to give you a free estimate and tell you how often they need to be trimmed to keep them looking good and healthy.

    About Our Tree Company Franklin MA

    Our company is an established Massachusetts tree service working in Franklin, MA. We are comprised of a crew of knowledgeable and experienced tree experts that are well-trained in the use of all equipment and techniques necessary to carry out safe and efficient tree felling, trimming and stump grinding and removal. Our specialists have worked with trees of every kind and are specifically familiar with New England nature. With just a quick survey of your trees our experts will be able to tell you what your trees need, what they lack and what should be done to improve the situation.

    Our company is fully licensed and insured, and we’ve also got experience in working with the fire department, paramedics and police in the case of an emergency where a tree has damaged some property or is a hazard risk. We have a 100% success rate and are proud to say that every customer we’ve worked with has come away satisfied and thankful for the services we provided. If there’s one thing that we know like the back of our hands, it’s trees!

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    We take on jobs that are big and may sometimes seem dangerous, and that’s why we put a special emphasis on safety. All our workers are professionally trained climbers that know the proper safety protocols to stay safe and make sure that all people and property in the vicinity remain free of danger while still managing to execute the job at hand with skill and efficiency. Every single job, from urgent emergency tree services to regular trimming and pruning, is carried out with safety at the forefront of our priorities. A risk assessment is done before each and every job to make sure we’re well prepared to deal with any potential dangers and implement all proper precautions in order to carry out the job it the safest way possible.​

    We love what we do, and we greatly enjoy helping our clients get the appearance that they want for their property. Your concerns about your plants’ safety and health are our concerns as well, and our goal is to make sure we can put any worries to rest and give you a place you can be proud to call your own.

    Our services are fully available to all in Franklin, MA and the surrounding area. We are proud to work on making our corner of the world a haven of green nature, healthy trees, and strong, beautiful bushes and shrubbery. If you fall into the category of someone in or around Franklin, MA, then you’ve us to count on. Make sure that you let us know if you have need of our emergency tree services or if there are any safety hazards you need taken care of. This will make us aware and prepared to enter the situation with the necessary caution needed to eliminate any and all danger.

    The appearance is very often an important part of why you might want to get your trees and bushes trimmed or cut. We take this into consideration and have multiple techniques and style choices for homeowners to choose from so that they can get the appearance and aesthetic feel that makes them feel the most comfortable on their property.

    So if you’re in the Franklin, MA area and you’ve got some trees, bushes, or hedges that need trimming, pruning, or cutting, then you’ve come to the right place! Franklin Tree Pros is here to service your property and get the needs of your yard met safely, quickly and efficiently! Contact us today to get us to come down and survey your property so we can get a good idea of what needs to be done on your land and get yourself a free estimate! From there you can decide what the next steps will be in order to ensure that your trees stay healthy and your property gets the care and attention that it needs and deserves. We work on homes, corporate courtyards, parks and more! Take pride in your property and give us a call today!​



    They were quick to respond, gave us a fair price for removing 4 trees and did it all in a day and cleaned everything up nicely. All you could ask in a tree service company!

    ~ James R. ,  Franklin MA

    We got multiple quotes and went with Franklin Tree Pros because they are local and gave us the best prices. Will definitely be using them again for our seasonal tree trimming.

    ​~ Karen L. Raynham MA

    We had some really tall trees that needed to be cut down, and they had the tools for the job. I was worried that the trucks would mess up our lawn but they took every precaution to do a clean job without destroying our property.

    ~ Sam T. Franklin MA