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One of the services available at Franklin Tree Pros is the trimming and pruning of your trees. Some people may think that they’re saving money by skipping out on a regular trim, but in the long run this could do damage to your property and result in a dead or diseased tree sitting around in your yard. If you need expert help for tree trimming or removing overhanging branches, please call us today for a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Expert Tree Trimming Services Franklin MA

    If you don’t get your tree trimmed regularly, it can grow to look misshaped and unbalanced and grow branches that sprout off in odd directions making it look bedraggled and ugly. Tree trimming is a lot like a haircut. If you go without one for too long you’ll start looking unkempt and messy. The same goes for your tree.

    Not trimming can also adversely affect other parts of your landscape. If you have densely packed branches it can block rain or sunlight from reaching certain parts of the tree or the ground below where you may have grass or flowers keeping them from getting the nourishment they need.​

    Most importantly, trimming is good for the tree’s health. Trees can get weaker if not trimmed from time to time, increasing the chance of disease and insect infestation and giving them a lower chance of survival. A proper trim can keep the tree’s roots from growing aggressively sideways toward other structures and save you a lot of trouble in the future. It also keeps the tree robust and healthy, with fresh greenery growing as it should. A healthy tree on your property can be a huge bonus, adding beauty and benefitting the environment at the same time.

    If you’ve gone without a trim for a long time, then one good reason might simply be safety. If your tree has dead or dying limbs, this can be dangerous as they are at risk of falling and harming someone or something. It's worth it to get a quote for getting those trees trimmed. Oftentimes overhanging branches on your roof can cause issues such as moss, lichen and mold buildup, which can be costly to have cleaned off and removed.  It's a smart idea to have those branches trimmed back by a local tree company such as ours, to avoid any issues or damage occurring  to your roof as a result.