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There are multiple reasons why you might want a tree removed, and many cases where you might actually need it to be removed for safety or accessibility purposes. Trees can be a beautiful addition to your landscape and can be a blessing in more ways than one, but that’s not always the case.

If a tree is simply dead and is damaging the aesthetics of your yard, then that’s an obvious reason why you’d want to just get rid of it. Sometimes, however, it’s not that simple to tell if a tree is sick or dying and on its way out. There are several ways you can spot decay. A crack or split in the trunk might be a sign that your tree is diseased. If you notice something like this, you should act on it and give a call to your local Franklin Tree Pros to inspect your tree and let you know if it’s in danger of infestation or disease.

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    When To Call Us for Tree Felling, or Tree Cutting Services

    While there are often obvious reasons that a tree must be cut down, some people might want a tree for the sake of privacy and shade, while others might see it as an obstruction that blocks their view. It might be a little irritating if all you see when you look out your window are branches. This is another good reason to get your tree removed.

    Sometimes the roots of a tree might creep slowly closer to your home as it grows and expands. This is not necessarily and urgent issue, but if you don’t keep tabs on the growing roots it could easily damage your plumbing, utility lines, and other parts of your home’s structure. This is another time you’ll want to call for an inspection to check if you might need the tree removed.

    Sometimes the size of the tree in itself might be an issue. If a serious storm hits, it could knock off some of the larger branches or topple the tree and cause serious damage to your property. This is something to take into consideration and it’s definitely advisable to get professional counsel and consider possibly removing it.

    You might just want a change of scenery. Maybe you want to make a pool, or a new deck, or maybe even plant a new or different tree.​

    Whatever your reasons for removing that tree, it’s always wise to get a professional’s opinion on the state of your tree and see whether or not it’s a good idea to remove it. Maybe all that’s necessary is the removal of a couple of large branches, or even just a bit of trimming here and there. And that’s what we’re here for! Whatever tree you have that needs removing, we’ll take care of it in the safest, most efficient way possible. No number of trees is too big, no tree is too tall. We can handle all of ‘em! Fill out our quote form here on our website and we can provide you with a free quote!