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Getting rid of tree stumps in your yard is a very important part of yard maintenance and must be executed properly and carefully. There are several marked advantages of removing that old stump from your property.

If you leave it unattended it will start growing other smaller trees around it, which might cause problems to your yard aesthetically and be an inconvenience. These trees will steal nutrients from the surrounding plants keeping them from growing as they should. Not to mention that they’ll be another expense to deal with if you want to get rid of them.

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    Tree Stump Grinding Service Franklin MA

    A random tree stump on your property can also be a safety hazard. It’s easy to trip over and hurt yourself, especially for children. It can also cause damage to your lawnmower if you end up running over it by accident.

    That old tree stump can also end up as a breeding ground for pests like beetles, carpenter ants and termites. These insects are attracted to decaying tree stumps and can be an environmental concern for other trees and your home. Plus, a stump left untreated can fester with fungi and diseases that put your other nearby plants at risk.

    And of course, tree stumps generally aren’t so pretty. While trees can be beautiful and add a lot to the image of your yard, a stump just sits there adding no benefits to the way your property looks.

    So if you’ve got an irritating stump that you want to get rid of, we’ve got good news. At Franklin Tree Pros we provide services for getting that stump off your property. The first and most popular way is through stump grinding. Through the use of a large machine called a stump grinder, we grind the stump up into tiny bits of wood called mulch. The other way is removing the tree by the roots, which often leaves a large hole, but eliminates the possibilities of the tree growing back. In most cases having the stump ground down is the way to go, usually more practical and cost effective. 

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