Hedge and Bush Trimming Franklin MA

Our bush and hedge trimming services are fully available to all in the Franklin, MA area. We carry out both trimming and pruning services for your shrubbery. Trimming is what we do to cut down bushes and hedges to change the shape, size and look of the bush or hedge. Pruning is what is done to remove dead branches in order to keep disease from spreading through the plant.​

If your hedges are overgrown, or if you need bush pruning and trimming done on your property, please call us for a free quote on any of these services. 

bush trimming Franklin ma

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    Bush Pruning, Hedge Trimming Franklin MA

    If we let the plants on our property grow wild they’ll become stringy, overgrown and ragged. With a good regular trim you can keep your bushes and hedges looking clean and sharp and keep them from getting overgrown. With a good trim you can control your plants’ size while getting them cleaned up and looking sharp like a fresh haircut.

    The best time to prune your bushes and hedges really depends on how you’ve been keeping up with them up until now. If you haven’t done any trimming or pruning in a long time, then give us a call and let’s get you started! If you’ve had them trimmed not so long ago, then the best time to trim non-flowering plants is late in the winter or early spring around the time you do your spring cleaning. For flowering plants you should wait until they’ve flowered fully, then get them trimmed before the onset of winter.

    Our trimming professionals are experienced in working together with homeowners to achieve the individual and unique look that each one of them wants for their homes and property. If you’ve got bushes and hedges on your property then get in contact with us today and get us to come and take a look at your bushes and/or hedges. We’ll do a quick survey and you’ll get an estimate from us no charge, no obligation.

    ​We offer these services for local homeowners and businesses as well!